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How To Compare Our Prices

When comparing a First Pave quotation with other paving and landscaping contractors, it is helpful to have an idea on what grounds to make a comparison, even if prices are similar. This article gives a number of useful pointers to help you make an informed comparison.


Quotation Detail

A professional contractor will always provide you with a detailed written quotation, this document should describe your project and refer to drawing or sketch.

The quotation should include a specification statement showing exactly what work is to be carried out, methods used, and the different types of work involved. This statement should detail the specification of each element - you cannot compare quotes until you have compared the specification.

Dont be afraid to ask for the detail or discuss differences between the quotations of the contractors. If they have calculated the quote properly they should be able to explain how long each element of work will take and how much of each type of material is required.

Sometimes contractors will make certain assumptions that they may revise after starting the project. For example, they may assume that the sub base under your existing driveway or patio is suitable for supporting the new surface. When they start to excavate they may decide that its not and ask for an additional payment to cover excavation and replacement of the sub base. In our view this is bad practice, but we often come across it.

See gallery image 1 to give you an idea of the excavation that should take place to install and proper foundation.

The more you can get in writing from the contractors that are quoting the safer you will be, but make sure that you read the quotes carefully and ask lots of questions.

For information on our own quotations, see What Our Quotation Includes

Quality of Workmanship

It can be difficult for an untrained eye to know the difference in the quality of workmanship, espcially when looking at the construction of the foundations - a very important aspect in paving and landscaping.

There are many important aspects to creating a proper foundation, omission of which could allow less scrupulous contractors to offer much more attractive prices - but will significantly impair the quality and lifetime of your installation.

We illustrate a couple of examples here:

Patios and Terraces

When we install Natural Stone patios and terraces we prime the flagstones and install them on a full mortar bed. This ensures that the grout can be put into the joints between the flagstones. These should be wet enough to make sure that it completely fills the joints - failiure to install in this way will result in premeture joint failiure.

See gallery image 2 for an example of the mortar bed.

Driveways and Block Paving

We install a perimeter edge restraint around each driveway. We do so on a deep concrete footing that retains all of the construction layers. This requires more time and materials and ensures that the surface is not able ot spread causing excessive weed growth or collapse.

See gallery image 3 for example of the concrete footing and edge restraint that is set on top.

For more information on foundations, see: How to Compare Paving Installations

Quality of Contractor

There are many other aspects which will affect your choice of contractor. We are proud of our business for a number of reasons, these include:

  • Open and honest business practices and transparent pricing
  • We recognise that we are creating a you-shaped space, and with this in mind, can help you achieve your aspirations or needs
  • We care about every detail of the work.

To see these and other points expanded further, see Why First Pave


Click on a thumbnail to see larger image:

Complete excavation and repalcement of the sub baseGranite flagstones primed and installed on a full mortar bedBlock paving installed as edge restraint on a deep concrete footing

Many of our neighbours have commented on the quality and speed of your service, and the difference the materials and design you used has made to enhance the appearance of our property.

Mr Williams, Dale House Lane, Kenilworth

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