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Artificial Grass

Artificial grass

First Pave is an accredited installer of Verde artificial grass products for home and leisure. This page gives an overview of the artificial grass, its benefits, uses and a guide to how we install.

Why choose artificial grass?

For homeowners looking for a low maintenance garden, hard paving is often the first option that comes to mind. However, artificial grass, once considered a novelty, is now a real and viable solution for outdoor spaces. Its main advantages are:

Evergreen. Enjoy your garden all year round; artificial grass always looks its best no matter the season or weather.

Low maintenance. Enjoy all of the benefits of grass - the lush, green lawn – and never have to mow, water or pull up weeds

Diverse uses. Artificial grass can be placed where natural grass cannot take root, lending it a whole range of additional uses.



First Pave is an accredited installer for VerdeWe are an accredited installer of Verde artificial grass for home and leisure uses. Verde are our supplier of choice due to their experience, quality and variety of artificial grass types.

The most appropriate type for a typical home garden is Verdelawn, which boasts the following characteristics:

  • 30mm dense pile
  • Two-tone light green polyethylene monofilament with a tan twisted root zone
  • Very realistic appearance with super soft bouncy feel
  • Looks like a luxurious luscious lawn

Other types such as Verdegrass, Verdeturf & Verdelux come with different piles and installation requirements and are suitable for different purposes. Visit the Verde website for more information on the different grass types.

How we install

When installing Verde artificial grass, it is important to follow correct procedure and best practice. As an accredited installer for Verde, we have the right expertise and tools to ensure a professional installation and lasting finish. Summarised below are some of steps we take to ensure a solid installation.

Laying the sub-base

Verde grass can be installed on both hard (bound) surfaces such as concrete, tarmac etc, and unbound surfaces:

For hard bound surfaces, we ensure there is sufficient fall in the sub-base around the edges, or holes beneath for proper drainage. Not all hard bound surfaces are suitable, and we can advise as needed.

For unbound surfaces, typical of a garden environment we take a number of steps to ensure a good sub-base:

  1. Remove existing turf and soil to a depth of 100mm. We kill the weeds and compact the ground beneath.
  2. Optionally, we lay a geotextile membrane fixed down with galvanised nails to help minimise weed growth and wormholes
  3. The sub-base is then laid using a 25mm dust aggregate to a depth of between 50-75mm. This is then also compacted down. If timber fixings are used for the edge of the grass, they are installed at this point.
  4. Finally a thin layer of fine aggregate is laid down on top, and compacted again.

Fixing the artificial grass

  1. The carpet of artificial grass is carefully laid out over the sub-base. We will ensure the pile of each panel lies in the same direction, to ensure consistency of tone.
  2. The edges are then fixed in place via a number of different methods, according to the context. This could be for example via a timber surround, buttressing against existing walls, or burying under adjacent paving or turf. We will consult with you on the most appropriate method of fixing.
  3. For some of the products, kiln dried silica sand is then brushed over the surface and into the pile so to hold the grass in position.

Joining larger installations

  1. Joins in the grass carpets can be made by means of a special seaming tape and adhesive. We ensure that this is correctly applied using the appropriate tools and methods.
  2. We then ensure adjacent panels are butted correctly together for a seamless spread, and that the piles lie correctly for the given type of grass.

Beyond the lawn

Whilst artificial grass is an ideal choice for low maintenance home gardens, its unique characteristics open up a wider range of applications than a traditional lawn can offer.

Patios, balconies & rooftops. Bring some green into your modern living space – beit a rooftop or balcony – take artificial grass where real grass cannot take root.

Swimming pools & spas. Around pools natural grass can degrade, get muddy and slippery – which makes it far from an ideal option for the water’s edge. Artificial grass though is hard wearing, non-slip under foot and fast to drain, and can bring a more natural look to your pool’s edge.

Many other uses. Also idea for smaller gardens, easy-care holiday homes & caravans, home putting, children’s play areas and for home pets, artificial grass has a versatility and utility that traditional hard surfaces struggle to match.


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Verde artificial grassVerde artificial grassVerde artificial grassVerde artificial grassVerde artificial grass

 Artificial grass offers the soft, natural lure of a real lawn with none of the fuss. Use an accredited installer to ensure a good and long lasting installation. Get in touch with us today to look at the best options for your needs.


Many of our neighbours have commented on the quality and speed of your service, and the difference the materials and design you used has made to enhance the appearance of our property.

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