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Fencing and Walling

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Walls and fences are essential in defining boundaries and serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Whether needed independently or as part of a wider landscaping project, our skilled team can help you make the right choices and construct the appropriate barriers or retainers as needed.

We are able to construct all sorts of fencing and walling such as feature archways, retaining walls, garden steps, sunken planters and much more.

Whatever your need, we have qualified bricklayers and landscapers within our team to get the job done right. The choice of material depends in part upon the type of application, whether barrier or retainer.


A barrier simply divides one area of land from another, whether that’s your property from someone else’s, or regions within your own terrain.

Fencing exampleA barrier which doesn’t need to support any heavy mass can either be constructed using a fence or a brick wall.

Where a wall is required, we excavate beneath and lay an appropriately sized footing in concrete to support the brickwork.

Timber buildings

As a compliment to your garden or fencing, we can construct a variety of timber buildings for both practical and leisure purposes. See the gallery opposite for a couple of examples.


A retainer may serve as a barrier as well, but has the additional job of retaining higher ground or soil. As such, walling is the main choice this purpose. *

Example of retainer wallThe featured example left shows a retainer wall retaining both the higher ground from the patio in the distance and also a raised planted area.

Because of the mass of land or weight that it may retain, wider concrete footing is needed in comparison to that of a simple barrier. There is no building regulation to decide how much footing is required but we excavate and set a footing with a similar mass to the wall.

If steel or metalwork is required, such as that of a gate, we can facilitate its installation if required.

*Timber can also be used to for raised planters. See the gallery for an example.


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Thank you for the excellent remedial work carried out today to my drive, the whole team are a credit to your company. It is a refreshing change in this day and age to find a business that offers such service.

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