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Permeable Paving

Permeable paving driveway

This page gives an overview of permeable paving, including the reasons behind why you might want to choose it and the options that we can provide.

Why consider permeable paving?

A driving force behind the use of permeable paving was the introduction in 2008 of legislation and its practices known collectively as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), aimed at helping to control and reduce water run-off from properties into the street. Permeable paving is one solution for meeting the requirements of SuDS as it can absorb and disperse surface water safely into the ground beneath.

In many cases it is possible to meet the requirements of SuDS without the use of permeable paving through means such as border gardens or soakaways, but permeable paving can offer other advantages. These include:

  • improved safety by preventing the pooling of water
  • environmentally friendly by:
    • not contributing to rising urban temperatures through water evaporation called the ‘local heat island effect’
    • reducing pollution entering into public drainage systems and rivers from common driveway pollutants such as oil, petrol or brake dust
  • many feel that permeable paving looks and feels better than standard impermeable brick, and carries a certain green kudos

Gravel surfaces

Gravel is a popular choice that comes to mind when thinking about permeable driveways. All of our gravel driveways are permeable, and we offer a number of options that meet a wide range of practical needs and tastes, from standard installations through to higher quality stabilised and resin-bound gravel, which offer greater durability and versatility.

For more information on our Gravel options, see our Gravel Driveways page.

However, block paving is also available in permeable options which can meet the requirements of SuDS, and a wide range of choice is now available.

Permeable block paving

As with gravel, permeable block paving allows water to drain safely into the ground beneath, reducing water run-off into the street. A number of permeable block paving options are available to suit different creative choices. We only work with high quality suppliers and are approved installers for both Stonemarket and Marshalls products, the latter of which we feature below.

Marshalls accredited landscape contractorMarshalls Priora permeable block paving

We are approved installers for Marshalls Priora, Marshalls’ brand name for its patented permeable block paving system. Marshalls is the market leader in manufacturing block paving for domestic applications. Their range is comprehensive, the colours are strong and last much better than less expensive blocks.

Within Priora, Marshalls offers three block paving families:

Driveline Priora®. This offers the popular herringbone pattern in six warm and slate brick colours, we would characterise this as a ‘good quality’ paving option.

Drivesett Tegula Priora®. This offers a traditional coursed laying pattern with mixed-sized bricks, and is available in three warm and slate brick colours; we would characterise this as one of our ‘best quality’ paving options.

Drivesett Argent Priora®. This gives a granite feel to the entrance of your property, and offers three slate shades. As with Tegula it is laid in a traditional coursed pattern with a greater variance of brick sizes; we would also characterise this as one of our ‘best quality’ paving options.

For more information on each of the Marshalls Priora products, visit the Marshalls website (link opens in a new window).

How does permeable block paving work?

Marshalls has developed a patented ‘nib’ design for its bricks. These are ondulations in the edge of each brick which create small gaps for water to flow through.

Marshalls permeable block paving brick with nib design

The nibs also help wedge the bricks in place, preventing them from becoming dislodged as weight passes over.

Beneath the brickwork lies a specially formulated sub-base of compacted aggregates that allows the water to pass safely through to the ground beneath. Finally, 6mm washed aggregates is brushed between the gaps of the bricks to ensure a secure and durable installation.

Diagram of the Marshalls' permeable block paving:

Marshalls permeable block paving diagram

For more information on permeable paving, and whether it is right for you, get in touch with us today. We can talk more specifically about your own needs, and talk through all of the different paving options with you.


Many of our neighbours have commented on the quality and speed of your service, and the difference the materials and design you used has made to enhance the appearance of our property.

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