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Gravel Driveways

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Gravel driveways are a popular alternative to block paving and can offer a more rustic feel to the exterior of your property. We offer three types of gravel - standard, stabilised and resin-bound.

Standard gravel

Standard gravel is an ideal option for a limited budget and can offer you that all important kerb appeal. We work by first removing your existing gravel, block paving or tarmac. We then supply a new gravel surface and install it.

There are additional options such as relaying the sub base and laying new edge restraint, or we can work with your existing foundations if you prefer.

Stabilised gravel (Nidagravel & COREgravel)

Although gravel driveways are very appealing, they can present accessibility issues and the surface can become undulated over time. For example, it can be hard to walk over such a surface in high heels or push a bike or wheelchair over the gravel as the stones give way beneath. Gravel can also drift, meaning greater attention is needed for maintenance.

COREgravel approved installerSolving the problem

Stabilised gravel offers an eleagant and effective solution to the problem, which can provide the durability of block paving or tarmac and the porosity and kerb appeal of gravel. We are installers of two of the leading brands: Nidagravel and COREgravel.

How does it work? Stabilised gravel uses a membrane base and honeycomb cell structure as a container for the gravel.

Nidagravel membrane and cell structureThe membrane is a polypropylene sheet that serves to both set a flat surface and, in conjunction with the honeycomb cell structure, prevent the rooting and growth of weeds.

High heels on Nidagravel

The honeycomb serves to contain the gravel in sturdy, compact cells that both prevents the drifing of the stones and gives them a density of packing such that walking over the surface in high heels or pushing a bike or wheelchair over the surface goes un-noticed.

Stabilised gravel offers that same satisfying ‘crunch’ of traditional gravel when you step onto it, but with none of the problems normally associated with standard gravel surfaces.

For more information on Nidagravel or COREgravel, download the PDF brochures below, or contact us to discuss the which surfacing option best meets your needs.

Resin-bound gravel (SureSet)

SureSet permeable paving accredited installerResin-bound gravel is a superior gravel solution suitable for both property entrances or patios, and offers advantages both in terms of maintenance and creativity. We are approved installers for SureSet whose resin bound paving is hand trowelled, UV stable and permeable.

Resin-bound gravel, as the name suggests, is gravel set in resin. SureSet is a high quality product that mixes the gravel with the resin on site prior to surfacing, a method that ensures the paving is permeable and that the gravel doesn’t loosen over time. See close-up below.

SureSet sample "Barley beach"Unlike stabilised gravel, resin-bound gravel results in a smooth, hardwearing finish, which may be more suitable for certain uses. It is easier to maintain, for example when cleaning, or shovelling away snow.

SureSet fusion sampleWhat helps resin-bound gravel stand out is its creative flexibility. Different types of gravel, and a wide colour gamut as offered by SureSet’s ‘Fusion’ range can be mixed to create endless design possibilities, from complex illustrations to sweeping hues of colour.

If you have an idea for how you want to take advantage of resin-bound gravel, please get in touch. We can work together with SureSet, provide schematics where needed and oversee a high quality installation. See the gallery opposite for further examples.

Permeable paving

All of our gravel solutions are by their nature permeable. We ensure that all our gravel installations meet the requirements of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS), preventing the build up of standing water and water run-off. Read more about permeable paving.

Glow in the dark gravel

A beautiful solution to outdoor illumination at night is COREglow, an eco-friendly gravel solution that glows in the dark, generating its light source from exposure to the sun during the day.

COREglow on driveway

The luminosity lasts for hours after sun-down, and can add extra magic to your garden escape or serve as an accessibility feature. Contact us for more details.


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