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Space to Park

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Whether you have a burgeoning family and need to maximise on every foot of space or want driveway access with minimal sacrifice to greenary, we can help you find the right solution for your property entrance that matches your own lifestyle. 

Changing Circumstances

As life changes, we find things designed for one stage in life don’t necessarily suit the next; this is certainly true with driveways.

For example, as with many families, as offspring grow older and bring home cars of their own, you may find your old driveway no longer fits the bill. Conversely, a driveway built for a large family may not suit if you have a smaller footprint, where a greater balance of greenary may be preferred.

Both practical and aesthetic questions arise when considering the landscaping of your property entrance that revolve around your lifestyle, some of which are oultined below.

Practical Considerations

We help you consider issues that might not readily come to mind when planning your driveway. Questions that we might ask include:

  • High heels on gravelHow many people/cars will the driveway need to support?
  • What's your demographic?  Is the parking for a large family, tenants or a couple etc? 
  • What is the best type of surface – paved, gravel, tarmac, or other?
  • Will you need access for bicycles?
  • Do you wish to provide wheelchair access?
  • Do you need the surface to be ‘stiletoe-friendly’?
  • Is the entrance situated on a main road? If possible, would you want a turning point in the driveway?

Aesthetic Considerations

You may well have a good idea already of what you want your driveway to look like. We aim above all to deliver what you have in your mind's eye. However, questions we might ask include:

  • Driveway ornate featureHow much greenary/shrubbery would you like to preserve? Would you like ground level soft landscaping such as turf or raised planters?
  • Can we build in a mix of hard landscaping to offer variety?
  • What walling or fencing would complement your design?
  • Would you like to add some ‘finishing touches’ such as decorative lighting or water features?

Further Reading

The What We Do section explains in depth our range of paving and lanscaping services. The following pages are particularly relevant to this article:

The above represents just an assortment of the types of questions we might ask. We are able to see the project from a number of different angles to help you make wiser decisions.

We would be more than happy to talk through with you in greater depth your own needs and plan a project with you.


Mrs Miller and I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which the task was completed and our compliments go to your team who are a credit to your company.

Mr & Mrs Miller, The Peacocks, Stratford Road, Warwick

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