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Space to Escape

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Amongst the pressures of daily life or the claustrophobia of urban living, your garden may be your only refuge. We can help you create the perfect garden that offers the perfect getaway, just a doorstep away.

The thought of wanting to be ‘a million miles from here right now’ is not uncommon at the end of a stressful day. With its direct line to the natural world, your garden is the perfect refuge when the weight of the world is on top of you.

Ideas to Help You Escape

Over the years we’ve helped a number of customers create their own garden escapes and we share a few of these ideas here.


Hammock in corner of gardenWhy not find a little cove in the corner of your garden and add your favourite seating to take the weight off your feet?

Be it a gazebo, a swing or a hammock (featured), finding the space to sit down and read your favourite book or shut your eyes for five minutes might be just the antidote you need.

The Windy Path

Create that sense of being whisked into another world by adding a windy stone path from the back of your house to the foot of your garden.

A windy stone path leading up the gardenThe featured garden opposite surrounds you in exotic plant life as you are lead away to a seating bench at the end, where you can look back over the luscious greenery and let the stresses of your day dissipate away.

Patio at the End of the Garden

Many build their patio adjoined to the back of their house, but why not a the back of the garden?

Patio at the end of the gardenA region often treated as an afterthought, the farthest extremity of your land may be just the place where you can enjoy some peace.

One customer commissioned this classically-styled patio (opposite) at the foot of their garden, with a seating area and raised planters.

Shade Sail

Bringing a contemporary Mediterranean feel to the back garden, we installed a shade sail over the central patio area of this suburban house.

A garden patio covered by a shade sailThe owner commented to us that in sitting under the sail she had a sense of having a bit of Spain in her own back garden.

Running Water

To seal the ambience of your newly created escape, why not have a water feature installed to re-create the soothing ‘trickle’ of a countryside brook in your own back garden?

Occasional noise may penetrate from neighbouring gardens, but the sound of water offers just the right balance of ‘white noise’ to drown out any unwanted distractions.


Further Reading

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The above represents just a few ideas we have implemented to help our customers find the perfect escape in their gardens. We can look at your situation and with our experience are often able to see it from a number of different angles and can help you make more informed decisions.


Thank you for the excellent remedial work carried out today to my drive, the whole team are a credit to your company. It is a refreshing change in this day and age to find a business that offers such service.

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