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Space to Entertain

Creating space

If you have a large family, are a couple with plenty of friends or if you simply enjoy hosting social occasions, you may seek a garden and patio area that comfortably accommodates groups of people and offers a welcoming ambience.

Your garden area may be the perfect untapped resource for inviting guests or throwing summer parties. However, we want to be on board to help you make the right decisions, to ensure your garden will serve well its purpose.

As in any architectural project, there is the balance of both form and function to consider when designing. This is no different in landscaping and we outline below how these two areas influence our own thinking.

Practical Considerations

We help you consider issues that might not readily come to mind when planning a garden for entertainment purposes. Questions that we might ask include:

  • How many people would you like to host in your garden? The optimum number should leave room for space around to prevent overcrowding.
  • What is the best type of hard surface - paving or decking?
  • What is the quality of your existing sub base? Will it support effectively your guests?
  • Do you wish to provide wheelchair access?
  • How easily will guests wearing stiletoes walk?
  • What is the balance of soft and hard landscaping you prefer? Can soft landscaping be designed to reduce risk of trampling on plants and greenary?
  • Do you prefer to be in the sun or the shade? How can the space be landscaped to best take advantage.
  • Is there a drafty side? How would this influence the design decisions?
  • How would the neigbours react to a barbecue running along their fencing?  What can be done to address the possibility of anti-social complaints?

This is just an assortment of the types of practical questions we will help you to ask. We are able to see the project from a number of different angles, and can help you make wiser decisions.


You may well have a clear idea of how you want your garden to look. We aim above all to deliver what you have in your mind's eye. If for entertainment purposes, the garden must capture 'you'.

However, we can also provide creative direction and advice for how to best design the garden and what 'finishing touches' you may wish to add. To help set off your garden for your guests, we can add:

  • Water features
  • Decorative lighting in the brick work
  • Fencing and walling
  • Garden furniture
  • Many other features

An Example

The following example shows how a garden can be divided into different sections:

Example garden for entertainment

There is the patio area with a sail shelter for small reunions, or for larger gatherings, the guests can move safely onto the lawn.  Notice how the plants are safely sectioned off, so there is little chance of inadvertent damage.

Further Reading

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Overall, the garden must serve to meet your needs and aspirations and we aim to ensure that what we deliver tallies closely with what you asked from us. 


Mrs Miller and I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which the task was completed and our compliments go to your team who are a credit to your company.

Mr & Mrs Miller, The Peacocks, Stratford Road, Warwick

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