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Space for Gardening

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A well tended garden is a delight to enjoy but we all have differing levels of time and energy to invest in its upkeep. With a thoughtful balance of hard and soft landscaping, we can offer creative solutions that can make your garden easier to maintain without you having to hang up your trowel and spade.

Gardening is an enjoyable pursuit and the results can be very rewarding whether you’re potting plants, cherishing wildlife or cultivating vegetables. However, you may be looking to balance this with hard landscaping either for aesthetic or practical reasons, or to help make the garden easier to manage.


Over the years we have transformed a number of gardens using different landscaping approaches which help address these needs, a few of which we present below.

Raised Planters

Raised plantersRaised planters are a wonderful way of presenting and easily tending to small plants. Using either brick or timber, planted areas can be raised above ground level allowing you to sit on the edge to maintain them.

In the example opposite, raised planters were used to plant herbs. They were located near the kitchen so the herbs could be picked without having to walk or bend down too far.

Retainer Walls

Retainer walls retain a mass of land or soil, often used to separate lawn on higher ground from the patio on lower.

Retainer wallAs retainer walls are used to separate soft and hard landscaping, you can decide how much or how little patio you would like to have laid, thus controlling the amount of soft landscaping needed for maintenance.

Soil beds can be incorporated into the retainer wall for plants, and the wall can then act as a natural seat for you to tend them.

Stone Pathways

Stone pathwayFor those who prefer a greater amount of greenery, we can install a more limited amount of paving in the form of pathways. This allows you to enter your garden and access areas to tend.

In the example opposite, a stone pathway is incorporated into a lush, green garden, installed with a natural stone platform patio and timber building.

Planted Areas Inset into Paving

Another approach to incorporating plant life into a paved area is to inset soiled areas into spaces where pavement has been omitted.

This approach, such as featured opposite, can provide small, manageable areas of gardening within the patio or terrace itself.


Further Reading

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The above represents just a few approaches we can build to help you enjoy your garden. We are often able to see your situation from a number of different angles and can help you make informed decisions.


Mrs Miller and I would like to thank you for the professional manner in which the task was completed and our compliments go to your team who are a credit to your company.

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