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Online Cost Estimator


This cost estimator is designed to give you a ball-park figure to help you budget for a potential paving or landscaping project.

There are a number of details and customisations, kerbing, soft landscaping, drainage and so forth which are not accounted for here. However, the weight of the cost of most projects is found in the supply and installation of paving, gravel and stone work. As such, the calculations of this cost estimator are based on this factor.

The estimate given includes the cost of raw materials, the cost of the labour hours involved in removing the current surface and laying the new, and the cost of removing all waste from site.

Working out the measurements

You will need to have an idea of the size of the area you want surface in square metres. If you're not sure how to do this, you can download the following resources to help you. The files are in PDF format, so you will need to ensure the free Adobe PDF reader is installed.

Surfacing options

With an idea of your area, browse the surfacing options below.

These are options for non-permeable block paving.

Good Better Best
Example of block paving - good quality  Example of block paving - better quality Example of block paving - best quality

Featured product:
Driveline 50
Supplier: Marshalls

Marshalls Driveline 50® Driveway blocks is one of Britain's most popular block paving products, well known for their quality and durability.

It is available in a wide range of colours including brindle, charcoal, red, burnt ochre, pewter multi, buff and bracken. Driveline 50 offers great value and combines well with Marshalls paving, kerbs and walling.

Featured product:
Trident Paviors
Supplier: Stonemarket

Trident Driveway Paviors are a superior driveway block paving with an attractive distressed texture that blends sympathetically with the established surroundings of traditional properties but are equally at home with a more modern setting.

The block paving is available in four popular colours; Charcoal, Sierra, Burnt Ochre and Forest Blend and two thickness.

Featured product:
Drivesys The Original Cobble
Supplier: Marshalls

The Marshalls Drivesys Original Cobble has the distinct character and charm of traditional cobblestones. The intricate profiles and authentic shapes of beautiful stone have been recreated to produce a product which amplifies the character of traditional homes and gardens.

For more information on block paving visit our Block Paving page; for more information on the featured products, view the PDFs below:

Non-permeable block paving - good (PDF)474.29 KB
Non-permeable block paving - better (PDF)393.07 KB
Non-permeable block paving - best (PDF)1002.7 KB
Good Best
Example of permeable block paving - good quality  Example of permeable block paving - best quality

Featured product:
Driveline Priora
Supplier: Marshalls

Driveline Priora is available in six colours, it retains its classic look but with a modern sustainable twist. By using the patented Priora Block Paving Driveway System, you can avoid the complicated and frustrating planning permission, costs and delays.

Each 60mm block features the Marshalls unique patented 'Priora' nib design which allows surface water to pass between blocks into a specially calculated sub-base without compromising structural performance of the driveway.

Featured product:
Drivesett Tegula Priora
Supplier: Marshalls 

Drivesett Tegula Priora is a patented Permeable Block Paving. It is a driveway system designed to manage heavy rainfall with ease. Drivesett Tegula Priora boasts the same traditional look and feel as the popular Drivesett Tegula, but with an environmentally friendly design, draining water away safely in heavy rainfall without becoming a burden to the local drainage system.

Available in three colours to suit almost any house type, Drivesett Tegula Priora provides you with a versatile product in a sustainable manner.

For more information on permeable paving visit our Permeable Paving page; for more information on the featured products, view the PDFs below:

Permeable block paving - good (PDF)2.59 MB
Permeable block paving - best (PDF)636.16 KB
Good Better Best
Example of gravel - good quality  Example of gravel - better quality Example of gravel - better quality

Featured product:
Standard gravel

This is a good choice if you would like to improve the kerb appeal of your property on a limited budget.

The existing gravel, block paving or tarmac is removed and a new gravel surface is supplied and installed on top of your existing sub base within the current edge restraint.

Featured product:

This clever system provides all of the durability benefits that you get with block paving or tarmac with the porosity of gravel. The sheets have a membrane built into them to prevent weed growth and the cell structure means that gravel does not migrate across the surface forming ruts or tracking onto the path.

You get a comforting ‘crunch’ when people or vehicles come onto your driveway without any of the problems normally associated with walking or riding bikes across gravel surfaces.

Featured product:
Resin-bound gravel
Supplier: Sureset

Resin-bound gravel offers the ultimate gravel finish. Stones are mixed in resin on site at time of installation for a perfect smooth-finish, naturally porous surface.

Visit our Gravel Driveways page for more information about gravel. For more information on the featured products, view the PDFs below:

Gravel - better (PDF)468.58 KB
Gravel - best (PDF)1.85 MB
Good Better Best
Example of flagstone - good quality  Example of flagstone - better quality Example of flagstone - best quality

Featured product:
Pendle Riven Utility Paving
Supplier: Marshalls

This type of utility paving is ideal for shed bases, storage areas and side entry paths, it can also be made very attractive with the addition of some linear detailing using block paving.

The flagstones are pressure cast so they have an excellent non slip surface and are very useful for heavily shaded areas. 50mm thick flagstones can be used for parking areas if they are installed correctly on an appropriate sub base.

Featured product:
Marketstone Sand Multi Paving
Supplier: Stonemarket

Marketstone is a range of hand dressed, ethically sourced natural sandstone. It is well proven for exterior use in the UK and is available in five natural colour blends with complementary circle features.

Featured product:
Fairstone Sawn Versuro
Supplier: Marshalls

Fairstone Sawn Veruso is a fine grained Quartzitic sandstone that has a smooth, lightly sandblasted finish ideal for achieving a modern, stylish and elegant feel to your patio or terrace area.

Each flagstone is hand selected at the quarry for colour and dimensional accuracy so that we can achieve a sharp, sleek look when we install the paving.

 For more information visit Patios and Terraces ; for more information on the featured products, view the PDFs below:

Flagstone - good (PDF)470.66 KB
Flagstone - better (PDF)266.1 KB
Flagstone - best (PDF)627.06 KB
Natural Grass Artificial Grass
Example of natural grass  Example of artificial grass

Supply and installation of:
Rolawn Medallion seeded turf

Excavate the existing lawn to 75mm below the finished level of the new lawn removing and disposing of all arisings.

Supply and compact turf and lawn-seeding topsoil incorporating an establishment fertiliser, compact and then rake over to ensure good contact with the new turf.

Ensure that debris and larger stones are removed, wet soil and then supply and roll out Rolawn Meddallion turf ensuring that the ends are cut into each other before lightly compacting with a flat board.

Supply and installation of:
Verdelawn artificial turf

Excavate the existing lawn to 100mm below the finished level of the new lawn removing and disposing of all arisings.

Compact and level the ground and supply and install a geo-textile membrane and timber edge restraint followed by a 70mm layer of compacted MOT Type 1.

Add a layer of fine aggregate or sharp sand to provide a flat base for the artificial grass which will be rolled out and trimmed to size before kiln dried sand is brushed into the pile to hold the grass in place.

For more information on lawn options visit our Turfing page. For more information on artifical grass and how we install it, visit our Artifial Grass page.


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1. Type of Surface

To help save cost, it may be possible to use the existing sub-base, subject to a survey. The sub-base is a set of carefully compacted layers which provides an important foundation to, and drainage for, the paving. Select 'Yes' if you would like a cost estimation based on the re-use of your existing sub-base. Note that this option is not available for all paving types.

For more information on the importance of a good sub-base, see How to Compare Paving Installations (link opens in a new window).

2. Ground Area
You will need to work out how many square metres of paving are needed to cover your area. Use the resources given at the top of the page to help you do this. When you have the number to hand, select the closest number from one of the options above.
3. About You
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